Thursday, 8 November 2012

Best Smart Phone Apps to Manage Your Earnings

“Application software” is presently well-known by the name of ‘application’ and ‘apps’; it’scomputer application software which is aimed to execute specific tasks by the user. The apps provided by the smartphones helps in running one’s life smoothly by simplifying both professional and personal tasks. Managing finances and banking has been made simpler by these smartphone applications.

The following are few important applications that are widely used to manage finances:

• Pageonce Pro: With the help of this app the details of individual’s accounts, investments, and credit cards can be viewed and it also helps in tracking all the bills and transactions; it helps its users to track their earnings and expenditures.

• Pocket Agent: It helps the user to make their payments or recharge process easier. This application is also used to claim the insurance policy, know the transaction details and make online payments. It also provides the flexibility to do mobile recharges.

• Checkbook: This app allows the users to limit their transactions and minimise extra expenditures to manage their finances in a better way. The checkbook app helps in tracing the bank transactions and setting a limit to the user’s account.

• Mint Personal Finance: This application is used for tracking and handling the expenses of an individual. Through this application, one can access the status of their account and even improvise the account details from any place. It also allows an individual to reduce unnecessary spending’s by setting a budget for their expenses.

• PayPal App: This is fast and secure app where the payments are done within seconds and it also provides the facility to retrieve information regarding account balance and withdrawals from anyplace and at any time.

• Square: It helps in paying bills from your smart device. Square is an electronic service for swiping credit cards or entering details onto the phone manually to perform transactions. This app can be downloaded from Apple or Google play store for free. It charges around 2.7% on every transaction made.

• AndroMoney: This helps in maintaining the financial accounts such as personal or business accounts on your smart device. It is includes features to manage multiple records as well as provide income summary. This will be quite helpful to those who stick to manage their financial status on laptops.

• Payday Loans App: It allows the user to apply for a payday loan (or) same day cash loans within minutes. The security for the data transferred is high. This application is very useful in case of emergencies and cash shortfalls; it is the best way to instantly finance for any financial problem.

Therefore, the expenses can be managed easily with the above mentioned apps which help the user to track their finances and set-up a boundary so that they do not exceed it and stay within the financial plan.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Important Things That an iPhone Application Developer Should Be Aware of

The iPhone is one of the most popular gadgets which are on top of the list of people from all walks of life wherever they may be in the word. iPhones could be classified as media player, video camera and camera phone among others. In 2007, the iPhone was introduced by Apple and since then there has been an increase in the demand for iPhone apps; this makes the iPhone application developer job worth considering.

iPhone application stores have evolved into a kind of revenue centered on industries that are supported by Apple and the developers. An iPhone application developer is a professional that shows admirable progress in his or her respective field through designing efficient apps which users could use for numerous purposes. Based on statistics, the apps and programs that provide interactive experiences to users are more preferred and more in high demand.

For a person who wishes to become an iPhone application developer, he or she must choose the niche they want to cater or target to. Moreover, in order to ascertain that iPhone app projects wherein developers are investing energy and time get approved, it is of vital importance to develop apps that offer something new or something more than the present versions. iPhone app developers must also check out the standard conditions and terms and do research regarding the feasibility of the respective app to ascertain that it will be accepted by Apple. Developers could learn more about the policy of a company via the Apple iPhone app store wherein complete guidance is given to app developers.

As a developer of an iPhone, you must practice patience when working on device applications because they must work. You also have to take several things into consideration, such as limitations, different barriers and other related factors to be able to successfully conclude an application development project. It is of vital importance for developers to code their app with the use of Objective-C programming language. Technical assistance may also be hired for this certain task. As a responsible developer of the iPhone, the application that is being designed must be continuously tested during the phase of development.

A developer should know that the Xcode simulation interface must be used to find out if the codes meet the set expectations. This is why the app or program being developed must also be assessed for troubleshooting. Once the developer has tested his or her application and meet the functionality and design objectives, they could submit these apps. Most iPhone developers have registered with Apple for a yearly fee of $99.00. The approved apps could be managed via iTunes or the App Store Resource Center. When developing apps for the iPhone, keep in mind that getting your application approved is just half the battle. Reality is that when your app is approved, it does not mean you will make money or get noticed at all, it takes patience and perseverance to develop successful apps that would sell, so give it your best shot. After your app is approved, you have to promote it to give your app a fighting chance to be noticed.

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